Morning fog hanging over our field.

Our Potatoes

  • French Fingerling

    French Fingerling

    Petite, sleek and slender heirloom potato. Rose-colored skin is thin and smooth. Flesh is firm and waxy, with a nutty, earthy and buttery flavor.

  • All Blue

    All Blue

    Deep purple skin and flesh. Slightly waxy, moderately mealy and moist when baked. High in antioxidants.

  • Charlotte


    Creamy Skin and Buttery yellow flesh. Does not break apart when cooking which makes it excellent for potato salad. Also good for frying and roasting.

  • Purple Fiesta

    Purple Fiesta (Purple Pelisse)

    Purple skin and dark purple flesh. High in antioxidants. Creamy texture with a hint of artichoke heart. Ideal for boiling or baking.